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03.2 Logos

Huff, New logo, white.png
Nicholas Huff, brand mark, refresh.png

Nicholas Huff, tenor

A custom Celtic knot connects to my Irish background, and a weathered font wrapped in gold indicate the stateliness and age of opera. A complimenting landform texture in blue creates an intimate, dark setting.

New Keely Logo, White.png
New Keely Logo, Gold.png

Keely Futterer, soprano

An art deco word mark for a soprano with a refined, classic presentation. This logo plays on thick and thin strokes, balance and A-symmetry, and clean lines and embellishments against a gold marble abstraction.

Ariana Warren Wordmark-WHITE.png
Ariana Warren Wordmark-GOLD.2.png

Ariana Warren, mezzo-soprano

This brand needed to be both elegant and fun, to represent a versatile rising singer. The curves of the logo convey unpretentiousness, while the tidy use of a 'w' loop as the 'A' crossbar is efficient and graceful.

Huff graphic design logo_edited.png
Huff graphic design logo.png

Nicholas Huff, Designer Logo

Unfolding ribbons make up the strokes of each letter of the word 'Huff' both creating a catch for the eye, as well as an enjoyable play between swooping curves in the 'U' and straight, folding lines in the other letters.

KOF White logo.png
Sunbeam logo (white).png

Kenosha Opera Festival

A summer opera festival, this brand needed a sunny, youthful look to match its summer, beachfront location. A local landmark, the lighthouse, anchors the design locally.

Brew City Opera 1 Red-Black fade_edited.png
Brew City Opera 1 Red-Black fade.webp

Brew City Opera

The company logo for Brew City Opera, a production house for affordable productions for Wisconsin opera lovers. Done in a mass-appeal style for this egalitarian company.

Copy of Orfeo ed Euridice Logo_edited.png
Copy of Orfeo ed Euridice Logo.png

Orfeo ed Euridice

A splattered, punk, bold-colored logo treatment for an anarchistic concert production of Gluck's mythic opera Orfeo ed Euridice at the Kenosha Opera Festival.

Barber Stack Fixed MK.2_edited.png
Barber Stack Fixed MK.2.2.PNG

Il barbiere di siviglia

The brand mark for KOF's 2022 production of this charming Rossini opera. It is meant to evoke a more dated period, and still have cinematic impact and draw.

La Fille logo_edited.png
La fille static logo w flag Logo.png

La fille du régiment

The production logo for Kenosha Opera Festival's Daughter of the Regiment. A bold banner accentuated by the French flag flying through window text.

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